Monday, 17 August 2009

The Intelligence and their amazing crab video

I have reported on The Intelligence, briefly once before. They've got a drummer in common with the now defunct band A-Frames, which was a big post-punk hit on my favorite MN radio station Radio K back in the golden days when I worked there and was hungover all the time there several years ago in college. They've got some releases out, but none which I own yet because, as you know, I recently discovered the French noise rock scene based out of Metz, and therefore the good people of indie rock France are getting all my income--them and Hendrick's gin, lately. (I just Wikipediaed Metz, and you know--noise rock--I kinda assumed it'd be some horrible industrialized, Nazi-flattened hole, but it actually looks really pretty! And it's populated by French guys in really angular, distorted rock bands. Heaven on earth, it must be.) Anyways, in short, The Intelligence are going on a tour, so long, so sweeping, that I am not even gonna bother to cut and paste and make it look nice here. If you want to hear this band, and you end up liking them, hell, you'll already be on their MySpace page where you can stare at their approximately three straight months of touring to your heart's content. Oh, and they've got a pretty sweet video featuring the hardest-rockin' beach crabs in show biz. Highly recommended.

Here's the one local MN date. You get that. The rest of you, you must seek elsewhere! Sorey--I am lazy. You know this.

08.27.09 - St. Paul, MN - Turf Club w/ Birthday Suits and Blind Shake, both of whom are really awesome and you should go see!

Photo from Pop Montreal, my previously declared "Best Festival Ever." Or at least I'm sure I called it something like that.

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