Monday, 17 August 2009

Bands I didn't think I would like but it turned out I do LVII: Here We Go Magic

I didn't expect to like this band. The name made me think I might've been in for something relentlessly upbeat, with a keyboard player and a drummer who were probably in a "serious relationship," if not married. But then I started hearing a few songs on the radio and thinking "Who is this? I kind of like this haunting, lo-fi songwriting." And then the DJ would say, guess what, "Here We Go Magic." And that's cool, ya know. A couple of artists I didn't really think I'd get into were like that. Like, I didn't expect to like Bat for Lashes. Now I LOVE Bat for Lashes. You know this. Or Marissa Nadler. I was all, "Whatever, another sorta cute-lookin' female folk singer." But then WHOA I changed my mind. Good stuff, all of the above.

Something I didn't know about Here We Go Magic, until I Wikipediaed the band. It's a fellow named Luke Temple, who was born in Salem, MA. WOW. That is so cool. I have always wanted to check out Salem. AND THIS DUDE WAS BORN THERE.

Again, I am too lazy to list off all the concert dates, even though there are not a ton like the last time I did this, oh say, 15 minutes ago? I figure while you are listening to my top pick "Tunnelvision" or maybe "Fangela" here, you can just look at 'em yourself. (I realllly like the name of the latter song. It makes me think of sexy B-movie teen vampire girls who are in homeroom with you or something. Yikes. Have I mentioned I've only had ONE cup of coffee the whole day? My brain is deteriorating.)

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