Monday, 24 August 2009

Bon Iver goths it up, automatically gains 700 points in my book

OK, so I am not really into Bon Iver. I got no problems with his music, I'm just not crazy over him or anything. UNTIL NOW. Pitchfork has announced that Monsieur Iver will be performing a very, very special show...IN A CEMETERY OH DIP YES THAT IS TOTALLY WHY I POSTED THIS. Here's the low-down: On September 27, the doors of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles will creeeeeeak open at the stroke of midnight, at which point thee creatures of the night (and ostensibly the creatures of Silver Lake) will scurry in to lurk about until the hushed indie folk singer begins his performance at 6am. No, I have no idea what happens during the span of time between The Witching Hour and Sunrise. Satanic rites? Making out? A dark orgy of cooooooffee and crooooooissants? Possibly all of the above, but definitely the last one for sure. Refreshments come with the $25 price tag for the night, available at

Hollywood Forever is theeee final resting place for people like Marion Davies, Cecil B. DeMille, Douglas Fairbanks Jr & Sr, Fay Wray, Rudolph Valentino, and someone named Iron Eyes Cody. He sounds pretty awesome.

09.27.09 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Picture is from Highgate Cemetery in London.

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PeterPeanut said...

I believe this is also the final resting place of Olde Penny Eyes himself!