Friday, 14 August 2009

OMFG! Sonic Youth on Gossip Girl!

Best. News. EVER.
FINALLY Gossip Girl, the CW drama chronicling the lives of Manhattan's super attractive, wealthy, morally ambiguous teens get a little "cred." (So you know, this show is just like my life--except that I am neither wealthy nor a teen nor a Manhattan resident.) But maybe all my too cool for school friends can appreciate GG for what it its: THE BEST SHOW ON NETWORK TELEVISION EXCEPT FOR MAYBE THE X-FILES WHICH WAS ALSO REALLY GOOD.

It seems that Thurston did a cover of "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" on an episode last year, which obviously I totally never noticed. And now the band will be performing an acoustic version of "Starpower" on the fifth episode of the new season starting SEPTEMBER 14 OMG 4 DAYS AFTER MY BIRTHDAY SO EXCITED. Apparently one of the forces behind the TV show, Stephanie Savage, is a super fan of the band and noticed footage from the show playing behind the band. You can read more at "real" news sources, but I'm not linking to them because the Pitchfork story linked to a strangely condescending Entertainment Weekly story and I will have no one blaspheme my NY teens!!! (Also, should EW really be in the business of condescension, considering? I mean, they'd probably do behind-the-scenes reporting of Jaleel White's wedding.)

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