Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ohhhh so much Leonard Cohen dates!

Thank you, Leonard Cohen, for going on a tour so long that I barely have to type anything. This is good b/c I am at the coffeeshop but want to get out of here so that I can use the bathroom. This is bad because all of the dates are in Europe, where I am not.

And that's it! That's all I am going to write for you this week! I have been so busy doing my usual depressing crapschedule of obsessively applying for jobs, and living through two of the potentially funnest, boating-filled days of the summer earlier this week, that I just straight up haven't had time to scour the approximately 3 news sources I rip off to write this blog. (Note: "funnest" does not show up as a mistake on my spellcheck, but "crapschedule" does. What gives? Thanks for making America dumber, Spellcheck. Or would you prefer I say "more dumber???") Until next week, then, and until I get one of these here jobs I'm interviewing for in the next few days. So please...wish me luck, and wish me a regular income.

08-03 Ledbury, England - The Big Chill
09-21 Bucharest, Romania - Arcul de Trumpf
09-24 Vienna, Austria - Koncerthaus
09-27 Prague, Czech Republic - HC Sparta
09-29 Wroclaw, Poland - Hala Orbita
10-01 Warsaw, Poland - Torwar
10-04 Berlin, Germany - O2
10-07 Munich, Germany - Olympiahalle
10-10 Helsinki, Finland - Ice Hall
10-12 Gothenburg, Sweden - Falconer
10-15 Stockholm, Sweden - Golben
10-17 Copenhagen, Denmark - Forum
10-20 Brussels, Belgium - Forest National
10-23 Milan, Italy - Teatro Degli Arcimboldi
10-25 Zurich, Switzerland - Hallenstadion
10-27 Geneva, Switzerland - TBA
10-29 Frankfurt, Germany - Festhalle
10-31 Hamburg, Germany - Colorline Arena
11-02 Oberhausen, Germany - Oberhausen Arena
11-03 Rottendam, Netherlands - Ahoy
11-05 Glasgow, Scotland - Clyde
11-08 Cardiff, Wales - International Arena
11-11 Bournemouth, England - International Centre
11-13 London, England - O2 Arena
11-22 Birmingham, England - NEC
11-24 Paris, France - Olympia
11-25 Paris, France - Olympia
11-28 Brighton, England - Brighton Centre
12-01 Dublin, Ireland - The Point

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