Thursday, 31 July 2008

El Guincho album finally set to see the light of day/record store shelves

Holy cats, it's already Thursday! Boy, time really flies when you are unemployed and spending the first two days of your week on the open water, boating through Lake Minnetonka or tubing down the Cannon River. Yes! ENVY ME! Perhaps you can pay your bills on time and don't go through your day wondering, "What will happen if I can't pay rent this month either? I'm pretty smart, why will no one give me a chance?" But to hell with all that. I have very little, but what I do will ENVVVVVY....

One of those things I do have, and that you probably don't if you are a US resident, is Spanish rocker dude El Guincho's full-length album Alegranza. It's awesome, up until now it's been import only, and kinda $$$. But at last, here it is on the horizon--a worldwide release date! Special thanks to Young Turks/XL Recordings for finally releasing this thing on October 6 for people in the parts of the world that are not the United States, and on October 7 for the parts of the world that ARE.

While I'm discussing the Guinch, I should probably add that some previously reported tour dates are no longer gonna happen. So here they are, and here's the one that still is on the way.

08-08 Oslo, Norway - Oya Festival
08-14-16 Hasselt, Belgium - Pukkelpop

09-13 London, England - End of the Road Festival

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