Friday, 8 August 2008

Best Canadian music festival ever: Pop Montreal

"Hi. I'm Burt Bacharach. You know me for my classic pop gems, created with the help of such stars as Dionne Warwick and Dusty Springfield, among others. But what I'd really like to talk about today is an incredible music festival, in an incredible city--namely Pop Montreal. It's a music festival with many of your all-time favorite performers, in the best season of the year, autumn. And you'll never be able to afford it! Because although you have at last gotten a job, Alison, you are still broke as a joke, and gettin' ready to wallow in some serious debt! So why don't you just go home and play some albums from the feature artists in succession, and pretend like you're there. Because that's as close as you're gonna get! Ah ha ha ha!!"

Ok, ok. There is no way Burt Bacharach is a jerk like that. However, the above statement does perfectly sum up my feelings about Pop Montreal--so awesome, yet so implausible. Perhaps you would like to go with me? I would find a way to go if you, my friend, would go with me. It's October 1-5!! We could go to another country together! Oh please, another country!!! I haven't even been out of the STATE (ok, with the exception of SXSW) in 8 months....CHECK OUT THIS LINE-UP OMG YOU CAN'T LOSE:

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Irma Thomas, Burt Bacharach, Silver Apples,
Hot Chip, The Persuasions, Dan Deacon, Cori Bishop (aka Elyse Weinberg), United Steel Workers of Montreal, The Dodos, Liam Finn, Wintersleep, Dark Meat, Headlights, Playdoe, Dabaaz, Kim, Eric BĂ©langer, The Veils, WIRE, Crystal Castles, Black Kids, St Catherines, Vetiver, Thomas Function, Julie Doiron, Chad Van Gaalen, Dominique Grange & Jacques Tardi, Great Lake Swimmers, Katie Moore, Socalled, Woodhands, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Sam Shalabi, Gatineau, Jason Collett, Chocolat, Wedding Present, Evangelicals, Beach House, Jana Hunter, Cex, Teeth Mountain, Teki Latex, D’Urbervilles, Michie Mee, and so much more!

Noooooooooo!!!! Please don't happen without me!!!! Check out the Pop Montreal website for more reasons why you should go with me. Don't forget, I speak very rudimentary and poorly-pronounced French! Imagine the excitement of being misunderstood by waiters and taxi cab drivers, with me, your super-excited pal!

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