Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wait, what? A NEW new Portishead album?

I am going to New Orleans next week for my oldest friend's wedding, so I won't be updating either this blog or my funny animal blog, OMG What Is That? dot blogspot dot com. I will, however, be writing three stories this week. WOW! Contain your excitement, please!

Let's lead off with a story about the love of my high school life, Portishead. I have both a) shaken vocalist Beth Gibbon's hand and b) given her a frankly pretty giddy hug outside a solo show in like, 2003. I will tell you about both at length if I've been drinking, but not here because I sound like an ultra nerd. (Although technically I guess I am drinking now; I am having a glass of--wait for it--absinthe, which I bought, coincidentally, while drunk, and now it's the only cocktaily thing I have in the house and I just cleaned the bathroom and it was kinda gross so I deserve it.) BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT. I saw Portishead a couple years back when they curated the Christmas ATP in Minehead, England, which was one of their first shows for the long-awaited Third album. As expected, it was amazing. And now they are working on another album! Portishead member Geoff Barrow (whom I have also met, although not hugged) told the BBC that "we're going to start writing [the album] and if all goes well it could be [out] in a year's time." The group is currently without a label, and Barrow keeps dropping cryptic comments about how it'll get released. My guess: minidisc.

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