Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Oh dip another trip-hop story: Massive Attack remixes Burial

I mentioned in the last post that I was consuming a glass of absinthe because it was the only cocktail sort of thing I had in the house. I also mentioned how I deserve to be enjoying a nice stiff drink before 10:30pm (my usual going out time) because I cleaned the bathroom tonight. I did not mention before that work was not the bestest today. So you see, I deserve it even more! And yes, laugh it up all you want that I am sitting here posting about all this gothy trip-hop/post-punk stuff (and in like 30 min, funny animals and drinking absinthe. I will make no excuses for myself! (Except for the 5 or so I already did.)


But also, I shall proceed. Because, as you see, I have yet another trip-hop themed story, this time about Massive Attack. That's all well and good (I like Massive Attack, but have never, say, HUGGED a member, or even seen the group perform. See previous post.) but the fact that MA is remixing Burial makes this story a true score.

The thing is, see, that Massive Attack has a new album coming out next year. It features contributions from the likes of Hope Sandoval, Damon Albarn, Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio, in case you can't remember), Tim Goldsworthy of the DFA and Guy Garvey aka the guy from Elbow. And now it's getting the Burial treatment a la Mad Professor's No Protection rework of Massive Attack's Protection album. AND IT'S NOT EVEN OUT YET. It's's like...magic! Yes, it's like magic. No word yet on when the album, or the Burial remix thing come out, though.

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