Monday, 13 July 2009

Oh wait, what? Another album of the year? YES. True Widow's self-titled album

Another awesome find from my local college radio station, Radio K, True Widow hail from somewhere in Texas where everything, like the HTRK record, is kinda slow and messed up, and where amazing photography apparently just happens. (Seriously, check out their MySpace, not just for my top tracks "Duelist" and "Corpse Master," but also for all the amazing Roadtrip As Shot By David Lynch style-lookin' photos.) So what can I say to properly explain how and why exactly I think this band is awesome? Well, I am not funny today, as we have seen from the previous three posts, but I do seriously believe that this shit is awesome. It gets kinda fuzzed out in places, and it's not gonna make you happy like Bibio (so maybe I should stop listening to it today while I'm home sick from work? Nah...), but it's more upbeat than HTRK. All three are awesome. All three you should go buy. GO BUY THEM. I need someone to talk to about these albums before I start getting 100% completely, overwhelmingly earnest all the time and cannot think of funny things to say about crazy animals because I am so consumed with getting friends to buy these albums.

Check it out, approximately 1 Texan reader! They're playing your home state.

07.18.09 - Dallas, Texas - The Cavern
07.21.09 - Dallas, Texas - Granada Theater
08.01.09 - Denton, Texas - Hailey’s*
08.31.09 - allas, Texas - Pastime Tavern**

*w/ Silk Stocking, Nervous Curtains, & the Great Tyrant
**w/ Sleepy Sun

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