Thursday, 14 May 2009

What? So there's a movie of the movie "Grey Gardens"?

I pinched this pick of Little Edie Beale from New York Mag's website, because it's different than the one most Grey Gardens fans have seen of her standing in front of the ancestral manse in a mink coat and it features CATS! fabulous cats! I knew there was a Grey Gardens-inspired musical, but not that there was a Jessica Lange/Drew, version made for HBO. (I don't know precisely what to call it--it is a movie based on a documentary, after all. I understand it has some backstory, which I think sounds pretty awesome, but because I do not have HBO, I have not seen it. And oooooh how I want to see it, now that I know it exists!)

I am not a Drew Barrymore fan, mostly because I have never really seen any of her movies and therefore have nothing to judge her merits on apart from a)that horrendously awful trailer for that He's Just Not That Into You movie where she spouts out this already dated litany of the ways one woman and her requisite gay BFFs can overanalyze the social minutiae of Facebook, MySpace, et al. and b) the online gossip that she canoodled with Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick, and damn it, world, if you had any justice I would be the one canoodling with Ed Westwick. SIGH. But check out this trailer for the HBO Grey Gardens. It just looks so good. Have I ever mentioned before that I am a gay man inside? It's true; I am. But not the kind who gives you coded dating advice based on someone's FaceBook status, so don't ask. Just watch the trailer, and if you don't know what all I'm blathering on about, read this.

PS--While google imaging Little Edie, I came across this lovely blog, The Swelle Life. As far as I can tell it's about fashion, vintage fashion, Paris, and pretty stuff. At this point of the night my brain is more oriented towards putting TMZ on in the background than getting indepth about Richard Avedon, but oh it looks so nice!

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