Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hey, Calexico is touring!

Sometimes it's a Thursday night and you can't go out because you have a bloodtest for your regular doctor's exam in the morning and you have to fast and it reaches the point where you actually hear yourself saying, "I wonder if TMZ is on" and then you find yourself being truly pleased that you didn't miss the Access Hollywood/TMZ block that's on during the witching hour on some channel you can't necessarily name. That is me right now. Totally coherent, on the ball, and up-to-date on the break-in at Lindsay Lohan's house.

This is the sort of time when you, the reader, get some really obvious piece of news with a really stupid headline like, "Hey, Calexico is touring!" with dates that I 100% just cut-and-pasted from the official Calexico site without even really bothering to format them. Because, hey, I am tired, and I gotta go get blood sucked out of me tomorrow morning and I wanna finish updating the blog for this week before we leave behind the glittering, silicon-enhanced world of TMZ and enter the gritty, raw world of Cops. So, hey...did you know Calexico is touring?

Date Venue City State / Country
May 24 Sasquatch Music Festival George Washington
May 28 Sunshine Theater Albuquerque New Mexico
May 29 Chautauqua Auditorium Boulder Colorado
May 30 Ogden Theatre Denver Colorado
May 31 Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre Salt Lake City Utah
June 2 Pantages Theater Tacoma Washington
June 15 Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center Atlanta Georgia
June 17 Tower Theatre Upper Darby Pennsylvania
June 18 Radio City Music Hall New York City New York
June 19 Bank of America Pavilion Boston Massachusetts
June 20 Walker Art Center Minneapolis Minnesota
July 1 Ippodromo Le Capanelle Rome Italy
July 2 Reggia Venaria Reale Italy
July 3 Traumzeit Festival Duisburg Germany
July 4 Musiques en Stock Cluses France
July 5 Ruisrock Festival Turku Finland
July 7 Szczecin Music Fest Szczecin Poland
July 8 Zitadelle, Citadel Music Festival Berlin Germany
July 9 Muffathalle Munich Germany
July 10 Villa Arconati Festival Milan Italy
July 11 Wenkenpark Riehen Switzerland
July 12 Cactus Festival Brugge Belgium
July 14 Zeltival Karlsruhe Germany
July 15 Centralstation Darmstadt Germany
July 16 Piazza Castello Cortile Abbaziale Sesto al Reghena Italy
July 17 Nuke Festival Weisen Austria
July 18 Poolbar Festival Feldkirch Austria
July 19 Bennicassim Festival Spain
August 7 Big Chill Festival Eastnor Castle Deer Park UK
August 8 Nuits Secretes Aulonye Aimeries France
August 9 Heitere Open Air Zofingen Switzerland
August 11 Serenadenhof Nuremberg Germany
August 12 Sziget Festival Budapest Hungary
August 13 Rock Oz’Arenes Avenches Switzerland
August 14 Pavillon Hannover Germany
August 15 Way Out West Festival Goteborg Sweden
August 20 Den Atelier Luxembourg Luxembourg
August 22 Pstero Festival Trondheim Norway
August 23 Lowlands Festival Netherlands

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juanita said...

But you also added that nifty tour poster to the list of dates. Calexico in concert is not to be missed!

Good luck with the test.