Thursday, 15 January 2009

Only 2 days till the most exciting show of the year: Bush Tetras reunion benefit at Nick & Eddie

Finally!! The best show of the year is nigh, and it's only January. And then we have the Inauguration on Tuesday. Could this be the best January ever? There's a very real possibility.

You know all those shows you see written up? All those My Bloody Valentine and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks reunions you can't go to because they're far away and you live in what's commonly known as flyover land? WELL NOW ONE OF THOSE SHOWS IS OURS, SUCKAZ!!! And instead of your hard-earned $$$ going to some concert promoter, it goes to original Bush Tetras bassist Laura Kennedy, who recently got a new liver, and unsurprisingly has some medical bills that need assistance. (Check out the LKLF blog.)

Pre-sale tickets are still available from First Avenue, Eclipse Records, Treehouse, Electric Fetus, and Nick & Eddie. Or you can buy them day of, but the low low price of $25 does jump significantly if you purchase at the door.

The final line-up includes the Bush Tetras, local legends Suicide Commandos, David Thomas of Pere Ubu, and popular noise dance dudes Skoal Kodiak. It goes down this Saturday at Nick & Eddie on Loring Park. THEY HAVE ABSINTHE!!! And just think, if you, like me, aren't currently able to brag that you saw most of these bands back in the day, if you go to this show, five years from now you will be able to brag to younger people and make THEM feel envious and unfairly uncool! Win-win.

01.17.09 - Minneapolis, MN - Nick & Eddie

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