Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Bat for Lashes album details!!!

Finally!!! The band that unmasked my previously unknown appreciation for harpsichord-laden, mystical imagery driven indie ballads has set a date for their follow-up album to 2006's Fur and Gold. (Note: I may LOVE this band, but it doesn't mean I generally love all artists who write songs inspired by Joan of Arc who use kinda medieval instruments and remind me of unicorns and stars and stuff. That would seriously ruin my aggro post-punk "I like Big Black" cred. I only like this band. And I like them SIGH a lot.)

But just the facts, please. Bat for Lashes' second studio album, Two Suns, is slated for an April 6, 2009 release on Astralwerks. And now, behold: (from a press release) "The album features guest turns from the legendary Scott Walker (on album closer “The Big Sleep”), Brooklyn psychrockers Yeasayer, and her own band The Blue Dreams (who toured with her this summer)."

OMG, SCOTT WALKER?!?!?! That is pretty rad. Alas one of my non-album favorites, "Missing Time" isn't listed, but I'm glad about "Moon and Moon." And following the album release, a North American tour is promised!! Woooo!!! Another reason to not give up hope, even considering that I just finished reading Revolutionary Road and now all I can think about constantly is how much I do not want my life to turn out like the lives of Frank and April Wheeler. Eesh.

1. Glass

2. Sleep Alone

3. Moon and Moon

4. Daniel

5. Peace of Mind

6. Siren Song

7. Pearl’s Dream

8. Good Love

9. Two Planets

10. Traveling Woman

11. The Big Sleep

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