Wednesday, 13 February 2008

More validation for Mpls residents: Replacements albums are getting reissued!!!

I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. And wow, I am totally jazzed for my 12-hour-workday tomorrow at my new temp job and at the record store! If you are reading this, come bring me coffee. Please. I will need it. I am aiming to be so amped on caffeine that I totally gets tons done at work, and have an awesome time doing it. Like in those commercials where people do meth and clean their houses and listen to techno music!! But without that whole thing where you think bugs are crawling out of your skin. Ick. That is so so gross.

Thankfully, I will have the company of the flannel-y multitudes of Mpls to remind me that even though I feel like a dinosaur moved into my head/throat and subsequently died there, I still live in the city that produced The Best College Rock Band Ever. Or so they say. I love you, Replacements, and I am happy that Rhino is rereleasing your catalogue, complete with bonus tracks and all that stuff. I am going to work now, so if you want to read about the extras, check this shit.

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