Thursday, 28 February 2008

Dear Wire, please come to Minneapolis. Thank you. Love, Alison

First they put out that new EP, now they're putting out an album! Yay, Wire!! Pitchfork reports that the seminal post-punk band is in the recording/mixing stages of their 11th studio album, and even working on some sure-to-be-awesome live dates. Alas, all they've got listed for the moment are on the continent, as they say, and I am decidedly NOT on the continent. Well, not on the right one, at least.


04-29 Leuven, Belgium - Stuk
05-01 Diksmuide, Belgium - 4AD
05-07 Lyon, France - Nuits Sonores Festival

Word on the street is that the band will play some European summer festivals, before coming over for a North American tour. Great news, guys, please come to Minneapolis. Or New York. Wherever I'm gonna be. Dear God, please somebody give me a job. One that doesn't suck. Also, make it stop snowing. It's like 2 inches within an hour. That is weird and not okay and I'd rather be sitting in a rooftop pool watching the sheer majesty of bats fly overhead at dusk then scraping frost off my windshield. Sigh. Two more weeks till SXSW!

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