Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Oh, hell yes: SXSW already spilling the details

First of all: stay away from my wristband, motherfuckers. I am going to this thing. I am going to the bat bridge, and I am going to Las Manitas, and I am going to drink so much Sparks that my hands start shaking and I need to get mixed up in some sorta shady backroom deal to get Qualuudes just so I can sleep for four hours every night.

Secondly: yay! I like it when I don't have to wait for things, and here SXSW is already oozing out the line-up. According to Drowned In Sound, artists like the Kills, My Morning Jacket, These New Puritans, the Raveonettes, and A Place to Bury Strangers have all been confirmed. The article also lists a good many other acts that will be playing, but since I'm not totally into all those dudes I didn't bother to post it. But I did bother to link to it!! YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!

Also tipped for Keynote speeches are Lou Reed, Thurston Moore, and DARYL HALL. Naturally I will probably not see these fellows in (speaking) action, since I will probably be hungover and thirsty, and already engaged in my traditional "enchilada for every meal" endeavor. But at least we will know they are there. And seriously, guys, DARYL HALL. Of Hall and Oates. I really want to see him, preferably in line in front of me at the Heavy Metal Pizza Stand. (Or maybe not--I think that place once gave me food poisoning.) Seriously, guys. I am not joking. Google image him. We are going to find him.

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PeterPeanut said...

Bomb, what gives? You don't mention the wonderful r.e.m.