Friday, 4 January 2008

I love you, Crystal Castles!!!!

As promised, here's the write-up about Crystal Castles I said I'd do yesterday if I couldn't think of anything else to write about. I woke up this morning with their track "Alice Practice" stuck in my head, and I thought, "OK, I am extremely into this song, so I am totally going to write about Crystal Castles today." Then I sat and stared at their MySpace tour listing for about 45 minutes, thinking, "It just says "UK Tour TBA" and I can't find anything out about the dates, so maybe I should wait till they get that info up." Then I realized that I was sitting at my parents' beige suburban house, looking out the window at two other suburban beige houses, and I really wanted to listen to music with a lot of screaming and noise, so I just decided, "What the hell, I AM going to write about Crystal Castles."

And that is how my head works. Had there been any Big Black news I might've written about Big Black, but there wasn't. And probably there never is going to be anymore, unless there's another Touch and Go label anniversary party. Anyways...let's talk about Crystal Castles!!!

1. They are from Canada, but that's really about all we know! So mysterious!!!
2. They sound like the Locust vs. Glass Candy, with lots of noise and Atari! It is kind of painful to listen to, but in a good way! Also, maybe you remember this Oakland/Berlin band the Vanishing that sounded like a really abrasive Siouxsie and the Banshees with electronic elements? Crystal Castles kinda sounds like that, but more so. Just imagine! At any rate, I've been making my cat listen to "Alice Practice" and the HEALTH vs. Crystal Castles remix of "Crimewave", and he seems to be alright with it, so if my cat can deal with it, maybe you won't hate it? Maybe? Or possibly he is just deaf.
3. Crystal Castles also did a remix of Liars' "It Fit When I Was a Kid", which used to be up on the Liars' MySpace page, but now no longer is. Good luck finding it!!

So, here's the not too informative tour date listing for the band in all its uninformative glory:

8 Feb 2008 Le Triptyque PARIS
9 Feb 2008 Le Grand Mix TOURCOING
10 Feb 2008 Cabaret Electric LE HAVRE
12 Feb 2008 Digital NEWCASTLE
13 Feb 2008 Club Academy MANCHESTER
14 Feb 2008 Bar Academy BIRMINGHAM
15 Feb 2008 Audio BRIGHTON
16 Feb 2008 Astoria (NME Award show) LONDON

For US dates with HEALTH, see DFCC back and in effect. Also HEALTH is touring.

Crystal Castles' MySpace page is HERE. Ouch! I can and will listen to that all day.

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PeterPeanut said...

Yo Bomb. I want props for that Whip remix crystal castles did that I put on your Xmas cd. I know you probably found it hard to get beyond Copey so give it another lash.