Thursday, 10 January 2008

Dear dancefloors, get ready to be tore up. Love, the new Annie single

Shocker: not everything I like is horribly depressing. (Only like 95% of the things I like will slowly suck out your will to live.) Because you see, although I do have several bats tattooed on my arm and a deep and enduring love for early 80s postpunk/"this is not a goth band, but really, everyone considers it to be" style rock, the other thing I really, really like is DISCO. No joke. I am a karaoke CHAMPION at Diana Ross' "Upside Down" and Candi Staton's "Young Hearts Run Free." And that is why I love Bergen, Norway disco lady Annie.

Pitchfork is reporting that Annie has a new single in the works, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it will be excellent, because it is a cover of a song that everyone already knows is excellent. That's right: it's Stacey Q's "Two of Hearts"! Alas, I can't find a song clip of this on the internet, but I can tell you that the B-Side of the single is a new track called "Songs Remind Me of You" and that at some point in our lives they're both supposed to come out on Island Records, perhaps even this spring.


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