Monday, 21 January 2008

Blood on the Wall tour

I am bored and hungry. It is after 10pm, but I cannot go out. Oh no, not after those "I have a dream" shots in honor of MLK Day last night. And that is why I am posting on this blog.

Do you ever find yourself sitting around, thinking "I wish I could go out and see a band tonight that sounds kinda like Sonic Youth, but isn't Sonic Youth?" If so, you're in luck! Because Blood on the Wall is touring!!! In support of their new album Liferz, out on the totally awesome Social Registry label!

But enough talking, let's get down to cut-and-pasting these tour dates. The cat sitting on my computer keyboard is making it slightly difficult and ineffective to write anything more, so that's all I got for the day. I will have to resolve this boredom issue in some other way. Blood on the Wall MySpace page!

1/30 at Record Bar in Kansas City, KS
1/31 at Slow Down in Omaha, NE
2/1 at Lorimer Lounge in Denver, CO
2/2 at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City, UT
2/3 at Palace in Missoula, MT
2/4 at Sunset Tavern in Seattle, WA
2/7 at Spaceland in Los Angeles, CA
2/8 at Club Congress in Tucson, AZ *
2/10 at Emo's in Austin, TX *
2/12 at Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge, LA *
2/13 at Bottle Tree Cafe in Birmingham, AL *
2/15 at Earl in Atlanta, GA *
2/16 at Grey Eagle Tavern in Asheville, NC *
2/17 at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC *
2/22 at Music Hall Of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY

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Jared M. Thiele said...

Nice, I love BOTW. They opened for YYY's a couple years back, and I special ordered all their wax the very next day.