Friday, 14 December 2007

Selected ATP photos finally up

Hi. I am extremely lazy. Here are the ATP photos I considered posting four days ago, but was too lethargic to actually do. I have like 20 pictures of Portishead on my camera, but the screen is so small that I was fooled into believing most of them turned out better than they did. Alas, I forgot I even had my camera for the entire first day, so there's no Silver Apples or Thurston or Horrors or anything like that, but what do you care, try google imaging them if it's such a big deal! OK, here's the handful of pictures I took that don't consist of blurry silhouettes and people's heads and 100% complete inside jokes. And 4 realz, if anyone finds/posts that "Sexy High Hat" video, or has an explanation as to why this was the chosen chant of the post-Aphex Twin party crew, I really, really really need to know. Thanks!

Hey! It's Portishead! SWOON.

Post Portishead "OMG guys, I am in AWE" face. If you look closely, you can see where I had to get cavities removed!

After Aphex Twin got out on Sunday morning, there was nothing to do. So we danced. Around an arcade machine called the Lighthouse. And then we terrorized the holiday camp grounds by chanting "Sexy High Hat" and pounding on things. Get wild!!!

For more ATP coverage (of a sort), read Portishead Week: the magic countdown begins! or Portishead ATP: The Aftermath.

OK, fine, this next thing is kind of an inside joke, but only because no one else is willing to admit that it's funny!!! It is!!! Actually, it's probably not at all entertaining to anyone else, but IT SHOULD BE.

Backstory:At the Crazy Horse bar, we wandered into this open door marked "Chuckwagon," which turned out to be like the ATP arcade game graveyard. We found one of those claw things that you're supposed to be able to pick up stuffed animals with, but which never actually work, and liberated it. It became our pet for the weekend, and forever. It's name is Ee-k-er, based on the noise it makes, the sound that you can see in the video. It lives on our table now, and that's where it's going to live forever, because us and the Ee-k-er are FRIENDS 4EVA. Hey, you know what? FUCK OFF! It is TOO funny.

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