Thursday, 13 December 2007

PJ Harvey tours nowhere near where I'm gonna be

PJ Harvey or "Peej" as I like to call her, is playing a few of what I can only assume are dizzingly expensive concert dates (based on a quick ebay scan and me not being able to afford tickets when she played in London earlier this fall). Perhaps this is to assuage the costs of her rising outfit budget? Because, as we can see from this picture, she is obviously into frequently wearing that 1900s lady-at-the-seaside-dress that's on the cover of her latest LP White Chalk. What I'm wondering is, does she have an entire The Awakening by Kate Chopin themed ensemble which she changes in and out of during her performances? Enquiring minds want to know! Now, as you can probably tell, I'm up for Victorianizing pretty much anything (well, aesthetically at least), but Outfit Rock is a hard thing to pull off. Also, I wrote this entire piece in an effort to popularise the phrase "Outfit Rock." It's cool, Peej, whatever you do, I'm probably gonna like it. Now please stop trying to outgoth me. Thanks!!!

12.19.07 Dublin, IRE Olympia Theatre
02.13.08 Auckland, NZ Civic Theatre
02.15.08 Sydney, AUS Sydney Opera House
02.17.08 South Brisbane, AUS QPAC Concert Hall
02.20.08 Melbourne, AUS Hamer Hall
02.22.08 Perth, AUS Perth Concert Hall

PS--Yes, I realize that these dates are month/day backwards for people living in the parts of the world where Peej is playing at. Usually I would've changed them around, but just this minute I looked at them and was like "Do I really want to spend seconds of my life changing dates around?" The answer was no. Think about it! You wouldn't want to do it either! Also, I think the shows are mostly all sold out. So it's just as well, isn't it innit?

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