Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A week without internet: 7-14 November

Look at these unicorns. Look at how much fun they are having, frolicking about, being magical, and probably listening to Bat for Lashes. "Wow, this castle is the best!!!" they are saying. They're at kind of like a unicorn Club Med, I would guess. "This is the best vacation of all time!" whinnied Sir Silverheart. "Do have some more of this delightful moondew," replied Lady Lovelydreams, nudging a golden teapot towards her mystical husband.

Like these unicorns, I am also going on a "vacation." See, today I graduated from my super classy university in London and you can now call me Abomb, M.A., thank you very much. And somehow this is tied in to me going out of the country for what is sure to be a fascinating and enriching family vacation. (I always think it is worth the $$$ to stay somewhere with a hotel bar--sleazy!!!--but I am not paying, so it's a teetotaling week for me!)

As such, I will probably not have access to the internet and will have to struggle to survive without this essential lifeline. Please keep me in your thoughts and have a drink for me in this week without broadband. Thank you for your continuing support and check back with Diamonds Furcoat Champagne next Thursday for what's sure to be a very special round of posting.

In the meantime, here's a new track from my beloved Bat for Lashes called "Missing Time." Yeah, you know what it's about already, don't you, you there with the X-Files DVD boxset. I was kind of obsessed with it when I saw it performed last Sunday at Koko in Camden. (Yes, those 35 video views are mostly me.) So get mystical and see ya next week!

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