Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Get out yer calendars: Nick Cave album date!!!

I know this is a date that you will look forward to over the long cold winter months. A date that you will repeat to yourself as you walk through that gross snow that comes off of car exhaust pipes and a date that you will remember in the post-Christmas record release slump when the only new releases are like "Arcade Fire--the B-Sides Part 2" and "Now That's What I Call Nu-Rave Part 3". It's the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album Dig, Lazarus, Dig!, previously (kind of) reported on (based on your standards for blog journalism) in the article "Stupid Cold, Stop Fogging Up My Nick Cave Fantasies" (don't worry, it is not at all a sexy post.) Anyways, the news such as it is, is that the album comes out in the UK on the 3rd of March in the fantastic new year 2008. Not sure about you, America, so get your import orders in soon! You will definitely want to write this date down or possibly even memorize it because this is sure to be the album inspired by the amazing 12 hours we shared on the set of the Grinderman video in lovely Whitechapel, London. Just listen real hard--these references are sure to be there. And check out the picture I found, isn't it amazing? I once passed out on a bar, too (Triple Rock, summer 2003!) We have so much in common, Nick and I. Friends 4eva!!!!!!!!!

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