Saturday, 3 November 2007

Someone please help Lydia Lunch

I know stuff doesn't come easy for Lydia Lunch. She's told interviewers that her releases are difficult to keep in print and that money for promotions is hard to come by. I feel you LL, don't ever change! You stick to your artistic vision. But recently it seems that Lydia has had to take a break from the art-porn and the societal indictments in order to do something a little more lucrative i.e. doing the voiceover narration for a Sundance Channel biopic of the late Seaquest DSV child star Jonathan Brandis. In case you missed out on Seaquest the first time around (like me), it basically sounds a lot like an underwater version of Star Trek. There's a man with gills! There's a teen heartthrob (The late Mr. Brandis)! AND THERE'S AN ADORABLE DOLPHIN IN A FUNNY SCUBA SUIT!!!

According to the IMDB, Ms. Lunch tells the true life story of the tragic young man in 2006's Forgetting Jonathan Brandis, and did the same for an earlier (but somehow less funny) profile of River Phoenix. Now, somehow this doesn't make Lydia any less scary to me (in that "please don't yell at me!" way), in fact, it kind of makes her even more awesome. So, the next time you see LL around town (and she's coming, so you might!) buy her a coffee or take her to Jasmine Deli or something, because every cent helps.

"Let's celebrate the life of a brilliant young actor together!"

11.4.07- Joe's Pub- NYC
11.7.07 - Empty Bottle - Chicago
11.9.07 - Make-out Room - San Francisco
11.12.07 - Neumo's - Seattle
11.15.07 - Largo - Los Angeles
11.20.07- Emo's - Austin
11.21.07 - Soo VAC- Mpls

DISCLAIMER: Dear Lydia, I love you not just for your haircut, but for your music, too. Please do not hate me for making fun of your dolphin narration. They are wonderful creatures and I bet voiceovers are totally better than temping. Keep up the good work!!!

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