Thursday, 15 November 2007

Back in the UK!!!

I'm back.

I have survived the family vacation. I now have a week's worth of to read through and the lasting memories of my mom's thoughts on the state of telecoms in France. ("There certainly are a lot of phonebooths in Nice!") To celebrate I thought it would only be appropriate to post the totally ridiculous video to "Back in the UK", the 1996 rave "hit" by MC Scooter. I had never heard this song until one very special winter night at London karaoke, but now that I know about it, everyone is going to suffer.

Here's the concept of the video. MC Scooter and friends find themselves lost and ready to party inside a black-and-white supersexy all girls' boarding school in England. Scooter is wearing an amazing Union Jack suit and comes off like that guy you went to high school with who was dumb as hell but somehow believed that affecting a perpetual stoner sneer and saying "What?" all the time while checking out his reflection in car windows and repeating "Yeah, bro" would make him appear "cool" and "suave." Imagine this guy, but super German, and really, really camp. That's Scooter.

Our MC protagonist wanders macho-ly through the halls, surrounded by nubile 1960s schoolgirls, futilely proclaiming "I wanna check the microphone, I wanna check the microphone, I wanna check! I wanna check!" Meanwhile his happy hardcore cohorts are quickly succumbing to the deadly but completely uninteresting tricks of an evil set of young twins with terrible hair. On the loose is also a guy who looks vaguely like 1980s sitcom Murphy Brown regular Wallace Shawn, walking around and poking himself in the cheek. Scary stuff! But Scooter doesn't care. He wants to check that microphone, and nothing is going to stop him.


If you've ever thought The Bad Seed would sound better with a shitty happy hardcore soundtrack then this is the video for you!

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Joel said...

It's in my karaoke library. If you don't bust it out upon your return to the States, I surely will.