Friday, 16 November 2007

A time for "Coopie and Me"

Like a fine wine, there are certain times when Shorty's "Coopie and Me" video is at its best. For example, when you are really really depressed, or when you are really really hungover. Coincidentally I was reminded of this video earlier today when I was on the 48 bus, all hazy from rapidly downing bottles of wine the night before in an effort to make up for lost drinking time due to last week's family vacation. For awhile I was sitting next to an extremely strange, totally crazy old man making garbling noises in the same high-pitched nonsense tone used in the opening voiceover to "Coopie and Me"--and that's when I remembered that "Coopie and Me" is the best and most ridiculous music video of all time. (But in a good way, not like Duran Duran's "View to a Kill" video (See The Stately Pleasure Dome of My Virus-Addled Mind) or Depeche Mode's epic presentation of the story of a king looking for something that money and fame cannot buy in "Enjoy the Silence" (see Mute Records Forum Still Dominated by Frantic Depeche Mode Fans).)

First of all, "Coopie and Me" is by early 90s Albini-approved loud dudes Shorty. Secondly, this is a band named Shorty. Thirdly, the video is fucking inexplicable. There's a party, with a guy who looks kind of like the differently-abled doppelganger to my Uncle Jeff! What this video shows us is that nobody rocks a party like nonsensical mumbling vocalist Alan S. Johnson. Where he goes, so goes the fun, whether it's jabbering at toddlers or livening up an exceptionally dull lady gathering. He makes chairs appear and frowns disappear! That's the magic of "Coopie and Me."

I can't really do justice to this incredible work of cinema, so please, don't hesitate. Watch this video before you do anything else.

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Anonymous said...

A magical fellow. I'm a Coopie convert.