Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Post-punk from our neighbor to the north

Once I referred to a Canadian as "my neighbor to the north." He was not amused. Why? Perhaps it was because he hailed from Vancouver, and to be strictly correct, as a Minneapolis native my true(r) neighbor to the north would be Winnipeg. Maybe he thought I had confused the two cities, when I certainly hadn't. I felt bad. I mean, I didn't intend to offend him. But come on, I mean it's all the same up there anyway, all ice and snow, isn't it? JK LOL!!! LUV YA CANADA!!!!

No really, Canada. You are a fun country, full of majestic territories and border towns that American 18-year-olds can visit to drink underage. Also, you have yielded a lot of good music. (NO, NOT YOU, ARCADE FIRE.) I am in this case referring to the honorary Canadian Neko Case and Toronto's the Creeping Nobodies. The lovely latter band is currently touring Europe and the UK, and I plan on catching them on Thursday. They sounds kinda like The Fall meets Wire meets X, although I say this mainly because the Creeping Nobodies have a male/female vocalist thing going on, and Wire/The Fall do not. (Also I was listening to X today while doing the dishes. Rock on!!!) Check out some of their fine tracks via the Creeping Nobodies myspace page .

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