Wednesday, 3 October 2007

29 days till the best holiday ever

In the spirit of the greatest holiday ever and the fairly ridiculous Ministry song "Everyday is Halloween" ("Well I live with snakes and lizards/and other things that go bump in the night/cos to me everyday is Halloween"), here's a series of pictures of awesome lizards. Check out the guy on the couch! I so want to have a coffee with him!

Rock on, dude!

You can see these little dudes sitting in even more adorable ways on this website owned by a man named Henry Lizardlover. He lives in Hollywood and I wish he was my neighbor so I could hang out with this amazing lizards all the time.


Anonymous said...

these lizards r PIMP

M2com said...

How did you do that?

Anonymous said...

cool do they eat mice?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Perfect pics yo Mr. Peepeeo! My name's Fizzy!