Friday, 5 October 2007

L.A. wins at Halloween

In case you were wondering, there are only 26 days left between today and the wonder that is Halloween.

There is so much to do in this time. For example, you can google image pictures of dogs in funny costumes and post them to a message board. You can sit around freaking yourself out about that one corner of your apartment that's always suspiciously cold. OR YOU CAN START CRAFTING ADORABLE COSTUMES FOR YOUR BABY LIZARDS.

That's what one woman in Los Angeles did. Her handicraft is evident in the following picture, to which I will not post the link b/c it frankly isn't all that interesting. (It's about how lots of people dress up their pets. Yes. It's true.)

As you may remember from the previous post, there is another lizard genius currently operating in Hollywood. Now, I'm no great wizard for facts and figures, but I think this is what most Supreme Court judges would consider to be conclusive evidence that LA is the best city. Sorry, New York. Step up those lizard couture efforts and let's talk next year.

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