Friday, 5 October 2007

I think Pylon and I could really find a lot to talk about over a few drinks

Pylon are from the same golden era of Athens, Georgia rock'n'roll that unleashed the B-52s and REM on the world. But, if I could get Pylon alone for a lil' drinkin' and dancing, we would not talk about Michael Stipe. Oh no. We might talk about DFA Records reissuing their 1980 album Gyrate on October 16th. We might talk about their upcoming (November 7th) show at the Mercury Lounge in New York (ENVY). We would definitely talk about how they are named after a William Faulkner novel. Because seriously dude I will talk your ear off about shit like that, and if you don't agree with me, I will bitchslap you. This is also how I feel about Pylon. Tracks are up on ye olde myspace page , where you can also go to check out who's in their top friends and read about extraordinary transactions where you give someone your email address and in turn receive a $500 Macy's gift card!

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