Saturday, 6 October 2007

Song of the day: Temptation


Early Friday evening. You and your friend sit in the back of a brightly-painted yet cheerless gay bar, alone except for two older men and a questionably transgender bartender. A disco ball spins, its rays of crystal light falling unnoticed and unappreciated on the dance floor. The rainbow flag outside sways in the wind, beating a lonely call to an audience of none. Pink and green track lights flicker unheeded and your drink is almost gone. Then suddenly, it happens--Heaven 17's "Temptation." INSTANT PARTY. The night is saved.

To get the true experience, cue up the following video, but don't watch it the first time around. Just let its ominous electronic atmospheres catch a hold of your imagination before depositing you into a flurry of synthpop abandon!!! Now watch the video, which is apparently about a disco detective agency as directed by Fritz Lang. Personally I really like the totally "meh" way vocalist Glenn Gregory tosses in an "Oh" after certain statements, a possible foreshadowing technique used to hint at how the video is soon to get totally pointless. This happens some time after 0:32, when Gregory appears from the shadows looking like the 80s doppelganger of late night talk show host Craig Kilborn in spook makeup from the 1962 horror flick "Carnival of Souls." But really, I mean, where can you really go from there?

Make me an offer that cannot be ignored:

Glenn Gregory

Minnesota native Craig Kilborn

Carnival of Souls spooks (incl. Exene Cervenka?)

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