Tuesday, 9 October 2007

2008 primed to be totally awesome REAL TALK

Check this out. GREAT NEWS YOU GUYS. Today, when I was at Whole Foods, I saw this guy who KINDA LOOKED LIKE CASEY AFFLECK!!!!!!! He was wearing this long black apron and I could tell he was totally checking me out as he mounted the stairs to the fresh produce section. I didn't say hi or you know, like, ask him where I could find any organic rhubarb, because I wanted to play it cool. This wasn't any problem, of course, as it's how I naturally am. Cool.





Anyway, it was just a brief, glimmering moment, but it was totally what my English professors would've called foreshadowing. Later that night, my flatmate gave me a tiny little Toblerone bar! Two of them in fact! Wow! More foreshadowing!Then I logged onto the internet, and that's when I KNEW that the next few months from 2007 on into 2008 were going to be totally, totally awesome.

In news ripped straight from the (Pitchfork) headlines, I discovered that my most listened to band of late September/early October, Beach House, already has another album in the works. For my fellow Americans, Devotion will hit stores on February 26th, only a few short months away! It comes out on Carpark Records, over there, and I'm guessing Bella Union over here in the UK since that's who got the money from my copy. Until that time, though, I will have to be content with my 60th listening to the track "Master of None", getting ready for the London show on November 16th, and commuting to the South Kensington Whole Foods.

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