Tuesday, 9 October 2007

First great slang term of '07 arrives ten months in

'07, you were alright. Nothing too spectacular, nothing totally angst-ridden. You were just...you. Kinda "meh" and totally unoffensive. And for that I applaud you! Way 2 go!

Now, some might say it's a little too early to start rehashing the pro's and con's of 2007, but I say it's never too early to give this year its dues, especially when one of its greatest moments, R. Kelly's "Real Talk" video, is just now coming to light. To put this achievement in perspective, let's recap some of the fairly kickin' but not too amazing things that have made 2007 the "okay" year it has been:

1) I went to several beaches, but never went swimming!

2) I saw Bjork!

3) I got my Masters' degree!

4) I went to Grumpy's and got sneered at by a guy we deemed "Punk Rock Perez"!

5) And finally, we have what may well be 2007's defining moment, R. Kelly's "behind the scenes" video for his song "Real Talk." Now, in an homage to Kells, it's gonna be time for some real talk. You ready? Ok. I was kinda debating about whether I should post this. See, I want this blog to be about stuff I actually like, not sorta fucked up stuff that I wouldn't necessarily endorse more than to laugh at it. Thing is, "Real Talk" has been stuck inside my head for about a week now, and I just posted a series of pictures of cats in funny outfits. So here it is, perhaps the closest we'll get to a masterpiece in this not-at-all-bad year of our Lord, 2007.

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