Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Animals in costumes II aka 23 days till the best holday ever

Yes, it's come to this. I didn't actually feel like writing anything, but felt like I should anyway. I mean, I thought of some kinda "meh" bands that have a track or two I like, I thought of some kinda old news, and I considered attempting to learn how to do something apart from embedding videos and pictures onto this page. But I thought "no." That's not what I want to do tonight. What I really want to do is read this book about Florence, where I am going next weekend, or go to karaoke and get totally wasted. And so I am going to do one of those things. But not before I post this round up of Halloween's best dressed cats. Yes, it's both a total cop out, and a step closer towards throwing hygiene to the wind and sequestering myself away in a Victorian mansion with 500 feline friends.

This one kind of scares the hell out of me:

AND I am already regretting this post. REAL TALK!

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