Sunday, 30 September 2007

OMG, you guys!!! Nick Cave and I are both Virgos!!!

I just found this out today, while looking for info about this film about brain surgery for which he and Warren Ellis allegedly wrote a score. Amazing, right? We have so much in common. For example, we both seem to be into revisionist westerns, and songs about emotional atrophy! Today I even ate at the same place where Nick Cave once ate, as I discovered from the autographed, really old press photo on the wall. But there is one trait we do not share, and that is a love for films about brain surgery.

"Russian Roulette with Two Revolvers" or "The English Surgeon"--depending on which of the extremely few references to this film that you can find--is showing at the London Film Festival next month. According to the British Film Institute's festival program, Mr. Cave and frequent soundtrack collaborator/Dirty Three member Warren Ellis composed the score for the film, which I will not be seeing due to my total lack of desire to watch a surgeon drill a hole into a man's head sans anesthetic. Of course, that shouldn't stop YOU, although the ridiculously small amount of available information about this film might. On the off chance that a film festival near you showcases this flick here's how you'll know (considering the lack of film trailers, websites, or news beyond the BFI listing ): it's directed by a British chap, Geoffrey Smith, and it's about the neurosurgeon Henry Marsh and his efforts at treating operable brain tumors in the Ukraine.

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