Sunday, 30 September 2007

HTRK, best band of our time?

It's not really a question because I already know the answer. It's "yes." I talk about this band all the time when I am drunk. Unfortunately words (especially alcohol-soaked ones) cannot really properly convey what this band sounds like, so I do a pretty poor job of it. I'm gonna try, but let me give you the back story first. HTRK (pronounced Hate Rock) are a trio from Melbourne, Australia. They've relocated to Berlin, where Liars wrote the excellent "Drum's Not Dead". I like to imagine them being friends, hanging out together and inspiring one another to make wonderfully ominous music. They have a kind of repetitive, but much prized limited release EP called "Nostalgia." Another fun fact about HTRK is that Rowland S. Howard of the Birthday Party produced and performed on their currently super delayed full length album "Marry Me Tonight". Getting an idea of what this band sounds like yet? Good, because all the videos on YouTube are totally shit, and the songs on their myspace are good but lacking in the heaviness and extreme feedback of the band's live shows.

Now here's what I want you to envision. Imagine a deadpan Siouxsie Sioux fronting a super fuzzed out version of Swans for a soundtrack to a Nathaniel West novella. Or, if you know me, just imagine what you think it's like inside my head. Now check out their myspace page. None of these tracks fully captures the awesomeness of the live show, but at least you'll know that you've heard the best band of our time.

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