Sunday, 6 June 2010

Washed Out: a side by side comparison

At the risk of this blog completely derailing from its original "I like post-punk, I'm soooooo goth!!!!" purpose, here's another band that isn't depressing. (I know, I am as confused by my recent interest in music that doesn't make you want to drink absinthe and cry, too.) This time around it's Georgia-based one man band Washed Out. "Feel It All Around" is a summery, vaguely 80s-esque song that is (YESSSS!) kinda melancholy. At least it is to me, but hey, I can find that kinda sad bastard vibe anywhere. I love this song. I am going to listen to it all summer and reflect upon the transitory nature of happiness and the changing nature of memory or something else that sounds like it was lifted from the Wikipedia description of Last Year in Marienbad.

But the real reason I chose to write about this band is because when I google imaged the phrase "Washed Out," one of the first results was a picture of Sienna Miller from a lengthy Daily Mail story about how she totally looks like shit because she has been hanging out with Rhys Ifan. (DON'T FREAK OUT, JUDE: THE STORY'S TWO YEARS OLD.) There's a lot of photographic evidence, including before and after photos!!!!! And I thought that was funny. God, I love the Daily Mail. So here's a picture of Washed Out, the band, and Washed Out, the Sienna Miller. Let's judge them together, shall we?

The band

The actress

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