Sunday, 6 June 2010

Crystal Castles release awesome new album, schedule NOT AWESOME tour

Crystal Castles are not coming to Minneapolis this summer. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHZKZYZYZYZYFRUSTRATION. They are playing in so many other places, though, and I am so resentful (read: lazy) that I am not even gonna type out all these locations for you. You'll just have to find out yourself by going to their MySpace page and listening to "Celestica" my #1 jam of the moment right now. In fact, after this, when I clean my room, I'm gonna listen to this song! I know, I know, I'm supposed to be telling you about music not BLOWING YOUR MIND.

Anyways, the new Crystal Castles album is awesome, and I'm intentionally writing about them because I'm trying to regain my "I like dark things" cred, but that's probably not gonna happen by writing about an album that samples both 10CC's "I'm Not in Love" and Stina Nordenstam, now is it. My other reason is because a friend once told me I look kinda like Alice Glass, and I like that because I think she's pretty hot. But also she seems way more badass than I am, which is a downer. I mean, what are Crystal Castles gonna do tonight? Probably fuck shit up in some former Soviet Bloc country and then teach monkeys how to smoke cigarettes. Tonight I'm gonna fold some towels and watch revisionist Westerns. Ok, I might go to the bar later, too, but I don't smoke so I wouldn't be any good at getting a monkey hooked on the habit. :-(

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