Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Happy Spring! Here's April March

I love this song! It just says Springtime in Paris(or possibly Pittsburgh, based on the video). It makes me think of that perfume commercial where that impossibly elegant young Frenchwoman floats above The City of Lights, hanging on to a giant pink balloon and it just makes you HATE HER because everything is so damn charming and lovely and in 10 hours you're going to have to wear business casual and answer phone calls. EVEN THOUGH THIS CHICK'S LIKE 12 STORIES ABOVE GROUND, WITH NOTHING TO KEEP HER FROM CRASHING TO A PAINFUL AND TOTALLY NASTY DEATH EXCEPT FOR A HUGE AND POSSIBLY ALIEN BALLOON, YOU'RE STILL JUST TOTALLY JEALOUS OF HER PERFECT BEAUTIFUL FRANCE LIFE. It's like that. Except for I really like this song and it just makes me feel happy. So yeah, basically nothing like what I said before.


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