Monday, 15 February 2010

Black Francis + Golem = match made in heaven...or something

Frank Black/Black Francis/whatever his name is scored a 1920s German Expressionist film back in 2008! How cool is that? I love 1920s stuff, The Pixies, and silent films. 2008, eh not so much. But beyond that, how can you lose?

You can't when the aforementioned film is The Golem!!!! Who doesn't wanna watch a film about golems? I'll tell you: CRAZY PEOPLE. You can--after deciding on your level of sanity/how you want to spend the next four minutes--watch a clip below.

And if you're one of 500 lucky people, you can get this fancy boxset thing of Black Francis' work on the film, which originally aired at San Francisco's Castro Theatre.

Here are some details from Pitchfork, which I have quoted in full because I want to go to bed now:

The box is for sale on Francis's website, and there's a whole lot packed into it: Two discs of music taped at the Castro Theatre, two discs recorded in the studio, a DVD with the film synced to Francis's score, photos, and a book with Francis's handwritten notes and music. Eric Drew Feldman, who co-produced Francis's forthcoming LP NonStopErotik, serves as producer. Francis himself is autographing and hand-numbering the boxes, which are limited to 500 copies.

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