Friday, 6 November 2009

Peter Murphy, nooooooooooooo!!!!

Pitchfork is reporting that Peter Murphy of Bauhaus has signed on to play a hard-working city cop torn between the blue collar camaraderie of his urban Philadelphia squad and his secret life as a super flamboyant Miley Cyprus impersonator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/interior decorator in the next Twilight movie. Not the one that's out or coming out now (sorry, I don't keep track, sometimes I just see the previews when I'm watching highbrow ADULT entertainment like, um Gossip Girl.) The next one. And of course I made all that crap up. He's playing...a vampire. OF COURSE.

Dude, I love you, but do you have to be the vampire-on-call? Murphy also appeared in The Hunger, which for obvious Catherine Deneuve/David Bowie/it was the 80s reasons, was way cooler. Oh hey, um, Peter, I'm hosting a spooooky Halloween party at my house next year, do you think you could portray a vampire? JK, Peter, I love you!!! But still.

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