Friday, 6 November 2009

New Liars album allegedly happening

So, this is barely news (it's distinctly lacking in "facts"), but I don't care because I love the band Liars and I have this creepy--let's call it an "interest"--in lead singer Angus Andrews. Because, as previously mentioned, I think he looks like a young Nick Cave and sometimes he wears a white suit and you know, again, it's like that Pet Shop Boys song I quoted on my funny animal blog:

Love comes quickly/
whatever you do/
you can't stop falling/
ahhhh-oooo ahhhh-ooo

It's like that.

So rumor is that Liars have a new album, based on the "cryptic" appearance of this website. And purportedly this album, presumably titled Sisterworld, will be coming out early next year on Mute. WOW! Information Overload!!!!! Let's hope this means a tour...a tour into MY BEDROOM!!!!!!!!!! Oh dip.

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