Friday, 30 October 2009

Dear UK friends:

"Rediscovered 60s garage psych blah blah blah guy" Rodriguez is coming to visit you! What an enchanting holiday season it will be. But enough about that.

I'm really miffed that I couldn't come up with any spooooky Halloween news, or even a video, to post today. I mean, I think I posted the video for the batacular (Get it? Like "spectacular" but with the word "bat"? Yikes, the fact that I wrote that bums me out possibly even more than it does you. But I gotta turn the Halloween factor up to 5,000 in this post SOMEHOW.) awesome Bauhaus' Bela Lugosi's Dead last year or maybe two years ago, so what else can even compare? OK, I'm gonna find something. ANYTHING Halloweeny.

12.07.09 - Manchester, England - Deaf Institute
12.08.09 - Bristol, England - Thekla
12.09.09 - London, England - Union Chapel

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