Thursday, 30 July 2009

Records I bought in Chicago: ROUND ONE (Blessure Grave)

I bought the Learn to Love the Rope EP based 85% on the cover, and 15% on recommendation from the absolutely amazing staff at Permanent Records in Chicago. I was there last weekend for Pitchfork to a)sell records at the record fair with my friends from Modern Radio and b)to see the Jesus Lizard. And I dropped so much unexpected money on weird post-punk stuff and FRENCH NOISE ROCK, my latest obsession. Just wait till next week! It will be all French noise rock. Anyways, Permanent Records is possibly the coolest record store in the world (I say possibly because I don't want to emotionally cheat on my sometimes employer, Electric Fetus, but well...wellllll....) AND they have a store cat!

So, here's my pick of the week, the band Blessure Grave from San Diego. Check 'em out!!!1 The music is good, but also look at these people. I so want to be in this band. Oh wait, I am in band talks right now. (Seriously, I did not say that for effect. I actually just remembered this. I don't sleep enough now that I have a "real" job.) MAYBE MY BAND WILL BE THIS BAND. Goddamn that is one cool cover photo. CAPES!!! I can't resist them. Also, it looks like they're planning on some kind of UK tour. UK friends, don't miss them. I wanna be there. Oh yeah, and also Jesus Lizard were awesome. Just in case you were wondering!

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