Saturday, 11 April 2009

Finally, a Gossip Girl cast member records a pop song

I am ending my long blog hiatus (due to SXSW, actually being productive, etc.) and not because I just bought the new Bat for Lashes or Neko Case or Marissa Nadler albums (which I did) and think they're awesome (I don't know--I haven't listened to them). No, it took a greater purpose. A more consuming passion that blabbering on about post-punk or whatever the aforementioned three artists are. I am referring of course to the new "leaked" single from Leighton Meester, the actress who plays my favorite person ever, Blair Waldorf, on TV's greatest show ever, Gossip Girl. So some of the people who heard it when I posted it on my Facebook page think it's weird. WHATEVER. I think it's awesome. Yes, the chorus is weird. But weird good. Kinda like the way Ed Westwick looks. Check it out on Perez Hilton. And yes, this is probably the only time I will ever link to Perez Hilton. MAYBE.

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