Sunday, 19 April 2009

Amazing Pet Shop Boys video where vampire Sir Ian McKellen steals Neil Tennant's wife

After hearing rumors of some possible North American dates for the Pet Shop Boys and reading about their upcoming Yes album (due April 21 here in the States), I decided to look up the London duo on Ye Olde Wikipedia. (Fun fact: ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr contributes to the album, which I think is awesome because as I was recently rambling on to a friend at the Morrissey Dance Night post-Morrissey show, I think the Pet Shop Boys are kinda like "the pop Morrissey." Just think about it.) So anyways, I was reading this Wikipedia entry and it's all "In 2009 they were awarded a Brit award and in 1985 they released this single and then in 1988 the band achieved a 4th UK #1 hit with a remixed version of "Heart."" You know blah blah blah records this, number one hit that, and then Wikipedia just drops this in there:

The video to the single, directed by Jack Bond, was a retelling of the Dracula story, starring Ian McKellen as the vampire who steals Neil Tennant's fictitious wife.

Naturally, I was like, "Whaaaaat?" And I looked it up on YouTube and not only is the video amazing, the song--which I had previously paid no attention to--is absolutely incredible. It's great! So disco-y! So heartfelt! And the vampire sings lines in it! I have posted pretty much everywhere about this, and I think--no wait, I KNOW--that I am going to sing it at karaoke tonight if they have the remixed version. So here is a link--enjoy!

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