Saturday, 7 March 2009

OMG Jesus Lizard boxset!

I hope this thing isn't free, because that means that I, as a record store employee, cannot grab one of these presumably limited edition, previously all out of print 7" boxsets. It comes out on April 18th, Record Store Day, the greatest holiday of all! Last year we got our very own Record Store Day t-shirts and FREE PIZZA!!!! They're calling it Inch and it includes all the previously-mentioned out-of print stuff plus their side of a split 7" with Nirvana, and a one-show exclusive 7" from a 1992 performance at Brixton Academy in London. Plus...there are a few UK dates listed, and the US tour is in the process of being booked. Mpls date in November--yay!

INCH tracklisting:

- "Chrome" b/w "7 vs 8"
- "Mouthbreather" b/w "Sunday You Need Love"
- "Wheelchair Epidemic" b/w "Dancing Naked Ladies"
- "Gladiator" (live) b/w "Seasick" (live)
- "Puss"

Lash 3x7" containing:

- "Glamorous" b/w "Deaf as a Bat"
- "Lady Shoes" (live) b/w "Killer McHann" (live)
- "Bloody Mary" (live) b/w "Monkey Trick" (live)
- "(Fly) On (the Wall)" b/w "White Hole"

05.08.09 - Minehead, England - ATP: Th

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