Monday, 27 October 2008

Waiting rulez!!! New Annie album delayed

It has been four long, disco-less years since Norwegian dance genius Annie released her glittering pop gem of a debut Anniemal. Four years of waiting and never finding an equivalently incredible nouveau disco hit. Four years of waiting, hoping that someone would guest feature her smooth pop stylings on the ultimate summer jam. And now, finally when it seemed like we would have something well-produced and bangin' to while away the wintry months, her latest album, Don't Stop...gets stopped from coming out. Now slated for an unspecified North American date in 2009, at least it's for a good reason; Annie wants to pack it with even more great pop hits. I can handle that. I SUPPOSE. Although the album is now scheduled for a January 26th release in Europe, we Yanks will just have to content ourselves with this week's release of her cover of Stacey Q's "Two of Hearts." For those of you across the ocean, you can see the lady live at the following dates:

10-31 Madrid, Spain - Mond Club
11-07 Istanbul, Turkey - Phonem by Miller

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