Monday, 27 October 2008

Bush Tetras reunion benefit shows...they are a'happening

No-wave/post-punk-y NYC group the Bush Tetras are doing some reunion shows for a good cause. Perhaps you have more precious free time to peruse the sweet, sweet internet than I do, and were able to read about yesterday's performance with James Chance, Lenny Kaye, Tetra member Dee Pop's project Radio I-Ching, Voidoid Ivan Julian, B-52s dude Pat Irwin, and, according to Pitchfork "plenty more acts from the post-punk generation and beyond" at New York's Cake Shop and attend. Or perhaps, like me you are uninformed to the world beyond your three retail jobs, or you live somewhere that is not NYC. If that is the case, I would like to encourage you, discerning post-punk music fan, to visit beautiful, liberal, soon-to-be frozen over Minneapolis!

You see, this aforementioned good cause is bassist and Mpls resident Laura Kennedy's liver. Bush Tetras will be flying in to my fair city in December for a rockin' benefit, with more details forthcoming. If you are a nice person with some form of income, or perhaps a not-so-nice person with an inheritance who is trying to prove to the one person who believe in them that they DO have some redemptive qualities even though no one else believes they do (Yessss!!! Only 3.5 hours till my favorite teen serial drama "Gossip Girl" is on again!), then please visit this site and contribute.

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